Tampa, Florida

I paid my bill for two years on time hoping to rebuild my credit. I went to finance a car to find out that their is no credit in my name under my social security.

They suck!@!!! They keep telling me to go down to the Social Security office and verify my address, guess what I did that and still no credit.

Still no credit did I mention I still have no credit ....then I go try and buy a 1,000 motorcycle and guess who has no credit? ME I appreciate that I have a paid off car because I can not get financed for anything else!!!

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did you ever get this resolved?

please let me know if so and how.




Westlake Financial are crooks I had my car for 3 years now no missed or late payments and they still have not yet reported to the credit bureau. customer service is very rude and unprofessional.

Please people do not deal with this company and I will be spreading the word.

account number 5916457. you guys will be reported and I will be seeking legal advice!


Same thing happening to us. We bought a car in May 2015 and have made every payment and still not showing on our credit reports.


Same thing is happening to me! I can't even create a login account because "my address does not match the address the Social Sedurity Office has on file!" This is ridiculous! So I can't even review my past payments, account information, or ANYTHING!


This is our current situation! We were suckered into believing that this was the loan that would help put our credit back on track.

They blame the lot for the "error" which is complete bull... They received copies of our taxes, drivers licenses, phone bills, social security cards, and auto insurance. Tell me, how is it that they can have all of that yet there is an error that I have to correct?!

If in fact they identified an issue, why didn't they contact me at the time the loan was issued, or during the year before we discovered the fact it wasn't being reported?

WLF owes us some answers and we deserve to have this resolved! Too bad the supervisors are always busy when we call and I waste my time arguing with a disrespectful customer service rep until my head basically explodes.

On my last call I asked what would happen if I voluntarily surrendered my vehicle, point blank, they would report it to the credit bureaus... Funny, since they won't do it now even though we are almost two years into the loan and have NEVER missed or been late on a payment!

It was during the same call I requested that we be able to make two half payments, still before the due date, and was given approval by one gal but didn't have my debit card accessible and was told to call back, that any person could assist me. Obviously that was untrue, I ended up arguing with a man that wouldn't allow me to speak with anyone else and made me feel totally incompetent of handling my loan.

They are a tricky company and I would most certainly warn against using them unless you have no other avenue. Even then, be cautious, obviously they don't give any consideration to their client's feelings... Its all about the money.

I fully intend upon taking time off of work (losing pay) to continue my fight.

Better Business Bureau is my next step, maybe then WLF will take me seriously!


Thank you for sharing your feedback with Westlake Financial Services. We take all of our customers’ concerns seriously. We apologize for the negative experience you had with our company.We do not support this type of customer service, and we are working very hard to make sure that everyone is helped effectively and within a timely manner.If you have any questions about your account, please contact our customer service team at 888-739-9192.


Westlake tell your CEO too get off his a.. An do his job you people are nothing but highway robbery an hurt people everyday your workers are trained to jump when you say how high you need too sell it too someone that knows work honestly an don't lie an keeps records hum you guys forget what that is its paper trails