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Westlake has sent no correspondence, no statements of payment. We almost have the car paid off and when my daughter missed a payment they came collecting the car and would not let us pay the past month or the current month. They said to give them the $2,200 or the car.

When we said we would come and pick up the statements they said we couldn't and can't make any further arrangements to pay off the car.

Upon some homework I found that they don't have a license with Dept of Corporations either. The BBB has many compliants regarding them also of bad business practices.

This company would rather take your car and sell it for more money than to work with you on final payments.

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Paul Burt ain't about ***!!!


Paul Burt ain't about ***!!!


I work for an Attorney and I know for a fact that you have the right to recoup your vehicle even after it has been repossessed. If the company refused to let you recoup, that is illegal.

It is apparent that this company feels it doesn't have to play by the rules. I guess Susy is the only perfect person on this earth, NOT!!!!!!


How's this for rude. I called in before my payments got behind and told them I was having surgery to remove cancer from my throat.

They told me to make partial payments and they would work with me then refused every payment I tried to make with them. Then they tried to repossess my vehicle. I relocated the vehicle to a safe location and hired a lawyer to resolve the issues.

My attorney worked out an arrangement and sent them the Agreement and instead of signing it like they promised, they backed out and charged off my account. Too bad they will NEVER Find my vehicle!!!!!


If you don't have money problems, you should not criticize those who do, you do not know their situation, maybe their hours were cut at the job they have. Maybe they just lost their job.

Jobs that used to be secure are not now, Post Office to lay off 30,000 workers.

More people are out of work now than during the great depression. Everyone who misses a payment is not a ***.


The Employees at westlake are so rude, and disrespectful. they have the worse workers there. Maybe they are trained that way, they are rude even if you are on time with your payments.


Those *** keep telling me that they are going to take my car because i can not continue to afford it. Which is all fine and good but those dumb *** are telling me i have to give them a check for the remainder of the car and they are still going to repossess it.

They call my house at estranged hours all day and night with "thug tactics" like how they will wait for me to catch up and make my payment current, then refinance my loan and then repossess my car.

But that's all i wanted them to do was reposes it now they are threatening me with fines and a criminal court case. WHY IS WEST LAKE STILL IN BUSINESS?


Hey lady not all of us make millions and in case you missed it our econmy sucks. Some people life situations change and as long as people are trying to catch up why not let people try rather then scare the *** out of people by threatening and harassing them.

When I bought my van I was single with no kids and now I have three kids and a house to pay for as well. Sorry nothing is ever perfect.


We all want good credit. But to have good credit, we all have to be in debt. People get out of debt as soon as possible.


Pay on time and you'll have no problems!

If it was the mob you owed money to you would've been dead! Stop being a *** you sound pathetic whining online like a baby!


This is an on going thing with this company I to have fallen to the greedy swine.!!!!!!!!!!


Common sense: if your daugther didn't make a payment and fell behind obviously she was aware of it, she did not need a statement to realize it and if she was so close to paying off the loan don't you think she would know her payment options and made the payment with or with out the statement...no need to blame it on the company...if your daugther couldnt or decided not to make her payments it was only obvious the account would become a charged off account!!! :zzz