Los Angeles, California
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I financed a car for $250.00 a month, after 6 months I was told my payment will be 300.00 due to insurance added on. After 6 more months my payment went to 350.00.

They told me the insurance had went up, so then I canceled the insurance but my payment went down to 324.00. when I asked why did'nt go back to 250.00 and they told me because of the insurance I had??? Yet I been canceled there insurance and have been having my own for the past 6 months!

I dont understand why it would not return to the amount written on my contract???

Monetary Loss: $438.

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Geeze they ste terrible company


the only idiots are those who try to explain this to someone who would not understand anyway, lmao


I hope everyone understands that if they finance insurance through the company that it isn't liability, its only insurance covering the loss or damage to your vehicle and not one you would accidently hit. They dont tell you that but if you ask they will. So its actually illegal for you to drive your car with that insurance only


You my fridn, are an ***!


ok,$250 w/ insurance --1st 6months

$300 w/ insurance -- next 6months

$350 w/ insurance -- next 6months

*PAY ATTENTION*- insurance is good for 6months and total premium was.... lets say.... ~$700total --- now you dont pay 700 upfront, you pay monthly,now paying $50 for insurance for 6months equals to a total of 300-- WHat? you think you are not responsible for the remaining $400??? you signed contract for 6months!! duh! if you dont cancel during the 6months my friend you stuck with it!!! now if u cancel during the 6months, not only are you entitled for a refund but your payment will drop.Now if you are a last minute person, and decide to cancel on the last day of the 5th month, then forget about the refund, most likely your check will be a waste of paper, not to mention your monthly pymnt will only encounter a minor drop, say a couple of dollars, maybe cents....--but back to the point-- so the remainin $400 is financed for the remainder of your car loan! savvy? Then it is time to renew insurance- another $700- for another 6months and you get duped again! :grin --- aye! mate!


You wanted FREE Insurance? :roll


how much was the first insurance policy? if it was over 300.amonth that is why say it was an average of 500 for 6 months that is $85 extra a month you only paid an extra $50 leaving a balance of 250 which would be split over what term is left on contract, DO THE MATH!!!