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I purchased a Yukon denali put 12,000 down made my payment 2 weeks early for almost three years always had insurance got car impounded but before I was able to get it out there was a hold by Gilbert police they repoed it I was never late and it was always insured I gave them 800 they wanted for impound fees and repo fees they western union spoke with so many different people with different stories and amounts they were going to pull call logs and call back they lie never answer my messages meanwhile sent my truck to auction. R u kidding me sent me letter for no insurance after they took it but I have paperwork from Allstate no lapse ever this company lies to get u to pay even more when they had no reason to repo my car I paid payment when it was in impound they r a bunch of crooks sorry if payment screenshots r confusing hard to read being so small

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Auto Loan.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Westlake Financial Services Cons: R thieves.

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Since you very obviously don't know second or third grade punctuation and sentence structure as evidenced by your sorry attempt at "writing" with one long, continuous run-on sentence, it's doubtful you will understand any explanation. The lender is the lie holder which means the car is the security for the loan.

Whatever you did, caused the car to be impounded. As such, storage fees rack up as well as you not having control of the lender's security. Therefore, in order to protect their security interests, they did a repo. This is STANDARD for ALL lenders of the subprime variety.

Secondly, not that I'm at all surprised, your temper tantrum has opened the door to this lender going after you for libel. It's quite obvious you haven't a clue what you're talking about yet you accuse them of several false points which are at the core, pure libel. In case you don't know it, these companies monitor these sites looking for you people who do this sort of thing. The legal process called "Discovery" is very easy to obtain and as such, they will know exactly who you are and so will their lawyers.

There was NOTHING done by them which even remotely indicates any wrong doing but it was YOU who caused the impounding of YOUR car...plain and simple.

Oh yes, before you say it, don't waste the effort. I don't work for them!


Wonder what anonymous will say I did wrong.we co signed for my daughter to get a vehicle after a divorce hit her credit score.we gave the dealer authorization for us to CO SIGN.they put us as the buyer.we have called westlake and the dealer both of them told have to have the other change it.naturally they e signed our names.

Which is forgery at worst considering we didn't authorize them to sign for us as buyer.

I'm now sure this is some sort of scam game they and the dealer gehrs auto are playing


If you think I'm in love with the dealerships, think again! There is no more sleazy sector of retail than the car business.

Fraud and deception is a way of life for far too many dealers! As for your matter, this is between you and the dealership. The lender only funds the loan as per the contract drawn up by the dealership. E signing is not forgery.

However, you should have reviewed the contract before signing it. Whether you are the primary buyer or co-signer, you are still on the hook for the payment if your daughter does not pay. If you were listed as the co-signer, they would come after you if she doesn't pay. It would also affect your credit if she doesn't pay if you were the co-signer.

From that stand point, it makes no difference if she defaults. Let's hope she's a good kid and does what she's supposed to do. If she doesn't, you have the legal right to repo the vehicle.

Understand, as I said earlier, I am 100% aware of the con-games which have been perpetrated on car buyers which means buyers need to be smart consumers. That's a far different matter from reading the whining and wailing of serial deadbeats who come here to wail about the consequences they brought upon themselves by not making their payments and blame the lender!