Galesburg, Illinois
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Hello, You have bought our account from black hawk finance. We have always made 2 payments at a time.

We are paid up and have proof of that which we have sent you several times online. We are sending it again by mail. We have spoken to several representative on this. This joke of a company for some reason seems to to think we are 2 months behind.

Bank statement do not lie. We have filed a formal complaint and if this doesn't get straight, our lawyer will be contacting them. I feel that they may pull this on some people who fall behind but you can't pull it here. WE HAVE PROOF AND HAVE NEVER BEEN LATE ON A PAYMENT.

We realize that Black Hawk was shady and we tried to contact them but like most cowards, they have run . We have received a letter again today but saying that they have tried on numerous occasions to contact us but get no response. That is amazing since we have spoken to three of their representatives and sent three emails , plus sent a change of address that they just could not seem to get right.

I understand that Black Hawk has failed to show the last two payments before they ran but with the bank statements showing our payments or paid up until June 4 , 2015, you would think they would know that we do not owe.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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dealership told me that the bank no longer wanted to finance me because of my late payments so the dealership told me the only way I can keep the car is if i find a bank to finance me. They also told me that they will not refund me and there will be no repo on my credit


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