Owasso, Oklahoma
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Let me first say that you should consider long and hard before taking a loan with Westlake Financial. I myself accepted an automobile loan from Westlake. I have had the car loan for 9 months now, and I have made all payments on time and have thus far, haven't dealt much with their customer service. However, I received a call today and spoke with a young lady that informed me that they have not recieved verification of my insurance on the vehicle. I was confused as I had been carrying full coverage with the same company since the first day I bought the car, with no changes.

I asked the customer service rep. when they received notice that I did not have insurance. She told me that they have not had insurance since January (5 months ago). I told her that was impossible as I had again made all my payments each month to the same company. I was then curious why it took Westlake 5 months to call me, if they thought that I did not have insurance. She informed me that "It is not their job to babysit me or my account". I think I sat stunned for a moment after hearing her response. It was completely unnecessary for her to make a rude comment like that.

Anyway, long story short, I called my insurance company to ensure they faxed the documents to Westlake, showing that I have in fact had full-coverage insurance since I have owned the car. NOTE: before hanging up with the customer service Rep. from Westlake who said it was not her responsibility to babysit me or my account, I asked for her name. She told me proudly that it was Beatrice S. (I will not print her last name) because I consider myself a more mannered person than she was. Be careful if you get a customer service rep. named Beatrice with a very heavy hispanic accent.

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I work for westlake and have for a short while and know exactly who that is...sadly she is like that. Im currently trying to find employment elsewhere working with them is ridiculous