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On Monday July 12, 2010 I called trying to pay the balance on my Auto Loan financed through Westlake Financial. I made the very bad mistake of not writing names down.

I thought I had made a payment by phone giving a routing number and the checking account number that I was paying through. I asked that a confirmation be sent to my email. Nothing I talked with a representative on Tuesday July 13, on my cell phone and did not have the opportunity available to write that persons name down. I was told I needed an authorization form sent to Westlake I asked if he would email me that form I would print it, fill it out and return it.

Got nothing. Called Wednesday July 14, talked with Gabriella who was very rude, I asked to talk with her supervisor she sent me to voice mail. I left a message requesting an email of the form. Ten minutes later no email called back talked with Jennifer who sounded like she was eating something while talking to me, I asked once again to talk to a supervisor not a voice mail!

I got someone who talked so fast you could hardly understand him he told me the email had been sent at 8:25 AM well it is 8:53 and it is not here this supervisor hung up on me. I will admit to being firm but I used no profanity and did not raise my voice. Still no email.

Nothing in spam either.

Jeffrey Reynolds

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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