Dallas, Texas
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I have been trying to get this *** company to pick up the Nissan Versa 2003 for the past 2 going on 3 months and I can't get anyone to cooperate but yet these *** holes want to constantly be phoning myself and my daughter about getting it. I have given the address to where to car is but they insist on going where the *** ain't.

If you want that *** then go get it and stop calling us. I will let you know this though, if the apt office has that car pick up because you all won't I will not be responsible for it at all because I have told you more than once. I have let the customer service reps know the more than 3 times and I have even let the repossession dept. know 3 times as well.

I have let my lawyer know and he agrees with me because I have given you more than plenty of time to get it.

Thank you for not a *** thang

Ms. Dowling

Monetary Loss: $11.

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do they report payment to the credit companies?


do they report payment to the credit companies?


I purchased a vehicle last year through another finance company. Then without letting me know westlake was my finance company.

My payment was due every 23rd of the month, but right on the 23rd I would recieve like 10 calls from them about the payment. Jesus like its in the mail. I had lost my job in Jan/2012 and was behind on my mortgage, I explain to them that its getting hard for me to make payments on the 23rd and can they help me. They answered no, and I quote "if your payment is not here within a week you will have a repo.

I was like ok I made the payments all the way up until march 23rd. So come April I call them an tell them I want to voluntarily repo the truck. They answered "well we are not a towing service. For almost a month I keep repeating myself to them and they would not listen.

At the end I had to remove the insurance for them to understand I wasnt playing. I told them that if they dont pick it up the city will since I let the registration and expection expire. Today was they day that the tow truck came and I was like jesus it actually took me 3wks for them to understand my situation. Then to top it all of they would call me like 7 times a day asking for the payment.

At the end I just told them pay my truck yourself if not stop harrasing me. So when the tow truck owner took the keys he asked me the most weird question " did by any chance they told you to hide the car for it wont get repo until you make a payment cause by the looks of it they really dont want the truck back". I was like really so please dont even get a loan from these people all they do is harrass you and keep telling you what they cant do. All I asked for was and extension but they couldnt even do that.At the end I feel a great relief cause my home come first than a car.

Remember they are there to just *** you off you will never get them to see thing your way. I hate westlake financial never had a problem with any other one of my cars.