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Westlake bank makes it possible for people who have poor credit such as everyone here posting get an automobile. Ungrateful people such as you complainers do not pay your bills and that is why you have to go through a lender that is generous enough to borrow money to people that cannot buy a pack of chewing gum on credit.

Folks pay your bills and aim for prime banks until then do not complain about this generous company when you stood no chance of getting a loan anywhere at any given time. Pay instead of complaining and blaming everyone else for your problems. Thats how you got here to begin with.

James C. McHenry, Il

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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Hey James how is it possible to hold a job as a "finance" manager with a pathetic FICO score? I think you are full of it and are nothing but a Westlake mouth piece.


Westlake must give some kind of kick back to the local dealership or salesperson if the borrower stays with Westlake. (Or a penalty perhaps if the loan doesn't work out.)

We were told by the salesman if we got an offer to refinance in the first year to take it in to her and she would personally pay us $50 to pass on the offer.

I paid my loan with Westlake off, credit record for them shows perfect payment history. I have the original contract, and it says nothing about that they will call you (and everyone you know) day and night multiple times, even before the payment due date.

I recommend everyone at least look to their local big three dealerships to see if something can be done there before subjecting yourself to Westlake or some "buy here, pay here" dealership that likely will need a high dollar repair before you are half way done paying on the loan.

People should not prejudge their credit or situation. Most people who have a decent paycheck can do better than Westlake.


No I am not judging people I just don't look a gift horse in the mouth. I am grateful in every way.

I have worse credit than everyone on this site I cannot buy a pack of chewing gum on my credit. Bills I did not pay in the past mothers hospital bills and very poor when it comes to responsible spending. People are complaining about not following through with a contract they signed and then blame others for phone calls come on. I take full responsibility for my actions.

I am a finance manager that gets people a loan through this bank that makes it possible for these folks to get a loan. The facts are that if you were to work in my situation you would be upset too. You wouldn't believe the lies people tell me after acting sincere. Only to find out they were ***-artist.

So for the record I have owe money to companies but don't blame them for my non paying ***. If the company is calling you than more than likely they are calling for the same reason they were not able to get a loan through anyone else. That's the truth.

Bust outs complain and blame. That's what I was told and that's what I see.


I would like to say, I as well am in the process of building credit so I seem to have qualified only for a few companies such as Westlake and I decided to go through them. I honestly do not have any complaints besides the fact that they do not refinance which is obviously not their fault, but I have paid all my bills on time, if not before time, but I do agree they will call you a day before or a day after very early in the morning might I add.

The compnay is not what's the problem its what they allow their employees to do.

I probably won't use them again either, since my credit has skyrocketed. And I agree it sounds as if you are an employee, or maybe a co-owner, so thanks for making sure my payments were reported, so I won't have to use them again.


This message is intended for James C McHenry the second. I would like to advise you that not all of us have bad credit do to not paying bills.

I do understand most people on this site don’t pay their bills, but are you that ignorant that you can’t see people as individuals and each person has their own trials and tribulations. I have my Masters degree in Psychology and recently went through a divorce. I have my own practice. When I was 19 I was involved in an accident with state minimum limits and was sued for 95000.

I have just finished paying off this debt and have worked very hard to get to where I am for a pompous brat like yourself to come on to this site and say the idiotic things you are saying.

God bless you, i hope you judge yourself as harshly as you judge us. Life is more than a number James


I purchased a car with a loan from Westlake in 2008. I recently paid off the loan after making all payments on time via automated payments.

I was not called, emailed, or mailed one time by this company. I have zero complaints! I had poor credit due to my poor choices in my past. That meant I had fewer financing options when I purchased my car.

In reviewing my credit report, the loan was reported at the two year mark. I've been told it will be posted again by the end of this month. Since I was consistent and diligent in my payments, my credit score has improved.

If I need to purchase a car in the future I should have more financing options. I most likely won't use Westlake again in the future, but that's because I should qualify for a better interest rate elsewhere, not because they somehow did me wrong.


I have had three loans with Westlake. I have paid off all three. Yes they harrass, they will put payments to the back of the loan, but beware, the total amount of the back payments are due when the "Contract" expires.


the first loan i was grateful because i had no credit, the second i had a choice of lenders and picked Westlake for giving me a shot but after i paid off the loan they sent me statements for 2 extra months. when i called to let them know the lady was SO RUDE and insisted it was my fault!!

i got a managers email address through the dealership i bought the car from and sent an email explaining what was happening 4 days later i got the title but never a response email. the statements stopped coming so i chopped it up to an honest mistake. the third (and FINAL) loan i went with them because they offered me a $500 off coupon. it has been nothing but a disaster with them.

they told me they never got my payment yet my bank shows they deposited my check. now they are trying to repo the car because i refuse to pay AGAIN. it has been a battle... so far they have harassed me, my employer, my mother, my girlfriend...

basically all my references. I HATE THIS BANK!


i have a loan thru westlake and the dealer told me that westlake was no longer taking the payments they were because the loan was reverted back to them, meantime west lake tried to repo and the dealer shut down, the whole thing is a scam.


I ran across this on google and saw the comment by James Henry which was horrible. Please tell us how you really feel.

All people, no matter what kind of credit they have should be treated with respect.

Sounds like a hidden form of racism to me. Sad.


You are a complete *** and must work for them. They call a day before the due date and they do treat peoplke rude and all sound like third people.

Never been talked to so rude in my life.

SO what is you position there? ***> got nothing to do with how people pay bills and their attitudes.