Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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I had the company call me and tell me my payment was late. I was confused because I had sent a payment.

The person, who had a heavy hispanic accent, threatened to repossess the car, which is a broken down wreck, by the way. I found out that due to a deposit being late, my check was returned. I asked why they didn't redeposit or call me and tell me it was late and he continued to harass and threaten me. At this point, the payment was still only 2 weeks late.

He pretended to get someone on the line that said he would send an order to repossess my car. What a bunch of jerks!

Their customer service consists or harrassment and intimidation. This must be one of those companies owed by felons or gang members.

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Theses people are very rude and nasty. They have no business being in customer service, even if it is over the phone. I wished I could get out of this loan.


I am actually surprised to see all of the comments regarding Westlake here. I recently paid off a loan with them and was fairly satisfied with their overall service.

Yes, the people on the phone are not very nice, but are they supposed to be? Their job is in the best interest of the company they work for, which is to collect from people that owe them money. I only had one problem with them in the term of my loan in which I requested an extension that did not get processed. I began to receive phone calls that my payment was late.

I then paid the regular monthly payment, and they granted my extension for the following month. I always paid my payments early or on time except for this one instance. They also granted me an extension every 6 months provided that my account was in good standing. Paying off was a little difficult, as I had to call back on three separate days to pay in increments.

The system would only allow a certain amount to be processed each day.

After paying off, I received my title in the mail within a couple of weeks. In my experience, as long as you make your payments on time and abide by your end of the loan agreement, they are ok.


I got a loan for 3 years and I've been paying for two now and let me tell you, I feel like an *** for not doing enough research about this company, this ******** are the worst customer service reps that I had to dealt with in my life, so it was this time when I got this same guy all the time since my payments were always 5 days late and I always pay over the phone despite the 5 dollar fee,somehow this *** was in a bad mood that day because we got into it, I told him with out us you wouldn't even have a job you little *** and so I ask to speak to his supervisor and this lady was probably the same or worse , so I called the number for the best business bureau to report this *** and not 5 days passed they sent me a letter saying how sorry they were for mistreating me that way, so I encourage you to call this guys if you have any complains about this company, and BTW I would never get a loan from these as*ho**s again that's for sure!!!


i wish i had found this site befor i got my car!!! they are every thing everyone has said and more!!!

they have no manners or customer service skills, but please dont insult felons or gang members! felons and gang members are much better people!!!


This is by far the WORST COMPANY EVER!!! Thug tactics, rude, making threats to repossess every time they call...

even if I was 3 or 4 days late they are asking about the whereabouts of my car. I told them it's right out in my parking lot you ***.

And when you call to make a payment they refuse to just take your info without keeping you on the phone and insulting you for as long as they can. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!!


This so called financial company is the worst in the world!!!!!!! They have harrassed me since I have had the loan with them and it all turned out to be their mistake.

They should be put out of the business. Their customer service reps are the worst in my life history. Don't they know you have to give respect to get respect. We are all adults, but their training in dealing with the public is crimmial to say the least.

Yes, everyone makes mistakes, but to them it is all your fault.

Shame on the auto dealerships for using them. It really makes them look bad for future referrals.