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My car payment was due December 6, 2009. I made a deposit on December 4, 2009 at Wells Fargo Bank using the provided deposit slip in my monthly statement.

On Monday, December 7th I get a call (at work) from Westlake Financial. They told me that they were calling at work because my home number was no good, and they wanted to know why I was late with my payment. I explained that it was deposited through Wells Fargo and the apologized and told me that sometimes it takes an extra day to post. (NOTE: My home phone was fine, but they didn't wait the 5 rings for the answering machine to pick up).

On Wednesday, December 9th my friends are calling me to tell me that Westlake Financial was calling them to find out if I moved away (skipped town). Note, they still hadn't posted the payment.

I called Westlake "” and at their request "” faxed over a copy of my deposit receipt. I was informed that I would need to contact Wells Fargo to straighten this out. When I call I was informed that since Westlake is their customer, and not me, they could not do anything. Westlake Financial would need to contact them. Telling this to Westlake was useless, as they wouldn't handle the issue. It wasn't until I told them that we can let this go to court that they decided to contact Wells Fargo Bank, who informed them that the deposit was made on the 4th (2 days early) and this was a bookkeeping error on one of the banks parts... not mine!

It took until December 24th for Westlake to post my payment. They consider my account one month past due and charged a $15 late fee, which they admitted should be removed.

Four days after the payment was posted "” on December 28th "” they mailed me a letter (Received January 2, 2010) saying my account has been sent to collection. I called them yet again and received the stock reply telling me that my account is fine and this "will be submitted for review".

I am writing this on January 8, 2010 and nothing has changed. Including today I have been submitted for review seven times. The late fee is still there, the account is still considered as late and I have yet to talk to a single person that has enough intelligence to boot up their own computer.

If you are considering using Westlake Financial Services I urge you to think this over. You are opening yourself up for a month of phone calls and hassles each time they make an accounting error, and you will NEVER reach anyone capable of resolving an issue. As of today, I am still "Under Review" and a late charge is still pending. I realize it would have been easier to pay the $15 than make over 20 telephone calls to resolve this "” something I am still working at "” and I am certain they rely on that for additional income.

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well isnt this all just lovely :cry


well isnt this all just lovely :cry


I can relate to all these complaints! I am going through the same problems, these people should not be in business! I will seek a lawyer to take a class action suit on these people in 2 months when my car is paid off!


I totally agree. they should be taken to court them and all there "customer service" employees, I think hey hire people that just dont give a *** on how to treat customers. I would not recommend this company to no one!


I had the exact same problem. I always paid before the due date. They just have problems posting your payment. It has happened more than once. We received many harrassing phone calls telling us we better make our payment right away, we are late, when they had the money all along. How do they misplace my money for weeks?

I have now paid off my loan with an electronic transfer 6 days ago and they still have not yet recognized the transfer nor paid off my loan of over $5,000. Where is my money? I call everyday and I get the same answer "Are you sure you made a payment? It takes days to post it, check tomorrow"

I am affraid to think how long it will take for me to get my title in the mail. They have not yet been able to get my address corrected in whatever system they have. I seriously think they caah all electronic transfers into pennies and have someone in the basement count them and enter the results by hand in a notebook.

Please, do not waste your time with this company. I have spent so much time on the phone and at my bank trying to get them to give me credit for my early payment and payoff. What a rip off.


Sorry for your problem, but trust me I believe it. I am self employed, so I have to live by faith for work and to get paid. I wish we could get a class action suit against these people, if nothing else to put them out of business, because these people do not help people, they take advantage of people.