Georgetown, Kentucky
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On our last payment they charged us $1200 instead of our $447 payment. We talked to a rep and we made a $650 payment and they said they would give us plenty of time to pay the loan off.

30 days later we get a call from the REPO company wanting to pick our car up. I offered to post date a check until next week and they refused it. Now we are having to hide our car until next week. A bunch of bull.

Never use Westlake financial for a auto loan. If your payment is due the 22nd the start calling you on the 23rd threatening to repo your car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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WestLake Financial finances for a crooked used car dealership in Austin Tx called Eco-auto sales. They made all their cars out to be brand new ,as soon as you drive em off the lot, the check engine light comes on.

They Sold me a lemon. This westlake company backs them up. Both crooked, scamming companies.

and my credit is FINE. Highly recommend steering clear of both these scammers.


they call me before my payment is due and ask when i'm sending my paymant.


the reason you got the loan here is because your credit was needing repair. If you paid the bill on time you would be set.

Make sure you pay your mortgage or rent then your CAR then your TV payment. Priority is an issue here. Would you lend someone with the same criteria as you the money for a loan?

things happen to people daily. Know the terms before you sign.They dont ask for ten references because they want to send x-mas cards, they want to find you.


doesn't matter if your payment is 9 dollars, late is late. This is why America is *** up because *** don't follow the rules then blame other people for their own fault.


sooo true one day late only 99 dollars and they calling harassing its unbelievable