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I was 1 day late for a payment and not only did I receive 3 calls from them...my references that I had placed were all called and harrassed and threatned!!!They told me I had a 6 day grace period..B.S.

Wouldn't reccomend them at all!!!! They have called family members and co-workers! They have given my information out to other people and have violated the FDCPA. Disrespectful, undignified, unfair and untrue.

Stay away from WESTLAKE FINANCIAL, they are a pain in the rear and will give you false information and have been threatend by them!!!!

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They start calling me before my payment is even due.Then still call me after ive made a payment.

also they lie. i paid thru my online billpay and the operater was rude & straight up lied to me about how it is suppose to work, i called my online billpay & they told me i could file a report on them if they charged me any late fees which they didnt because they couldnt.

but beware!wish i had known about them before will never go thru them again!


Ok people heres you 1.Im not late & my scores is very good.

I sent a money order in for a payment & they told me it was denied for insufficient fund. Really!!!!!! I went to the place I got the M.O. they tracked it & its not even processed yet.

But they tell me its still insufficient funds.

& they wont send the M.O.back so ya'll tell me whats going on for all you guys defending them


I hate those people


worst *** ever i am telling everbodody they lie they are evil un american westlake is very very untrue and they now it


Westlake Financial has make me feel the worse person in the world, they have call me and treat me and calling me a thief, a liar and also my mother was visiting one day and she got the phone and since I wasnt there they call her names, liar, thief and that they were going to sen the police, and I was a few days late of my payment, I know I have to be responsable for my payments on time but that doesnt give them tha rigth to treat people like that, is there anything we can do about it?

Dollar Corner, Washington, United States #61081

Seriously, Henry?You can't even spell and sound like Boomhower on King of the Hill.

Why are you people sitting around reading these complaints anyway?

No life?I have an account with Westlake too and I assure you they are rude regardless of payment history and have no business ethic!


man all this red neck people that had been burn by the sun and have skin cancer.buck all of them being racist aint goona solve anithing your or u idiots credit is the lowest in the u.s so no wonder you idiots are broke.atlest this or imigrants pay their bills...o1o eat it

to henry west #589287

i would like to say i have 3 accounts with westlake and joe is the only decent one i have spoke with there i do believe they have lack of communication for the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing but when my vehicle got totaled by someone else and i had to wait for insurance to settle on my truck and even after insurance paid my truck off they still call 10 times a day and i pay for all three of my vehicles and nope i have ok credit just went through them because my friend is the dealer and he only goes through them!!!@!!!!!!


George, whatever language Westlake employees speak and/or their legal status is irrelevant to the point that "some" people cant afford to their bills on time. I feel sorry for Westlake employees because they have to deal with people that have no common sense. :(


This place is *** poor on service and I am telling you, they have no class whatsoever- half the people there are probably illegals who can't speak a lick of english.

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