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hi everyone please email me your name and number and situation directly to clarionla@aol.com we have gathered a great deal of information to move forward with a lawsuit. thanks

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I am filing a class action lawsuit against westlake financial, the hankey group, wilshire consumer credit, burns national llc, collateral recovery service and w and w auto recovery. if you have had dealings with any of these companies please contact me at clarionla@aol.com.

the companies are illegally repoing cars and going about their collections against the fair credit act. they cannot contact you before 8 am or after 9 pm. they cannot use abusive language, they cannot contact people looking for you etc etc. please contact me if you have had your car repoed or are dealing with these and have experienced abusive or unfair practices. You have rights and the Hankey Group, that owns Westlake Financial is worth 1.5 billion in assets and they need to pay consumers for breaking the law.

Monetary Loss: $10.


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Is this still an active thing?Had no warning they said they called my correct number on file.

They did not.

Said they sent it in mail they did not.What can be done about this?


to Jay #1404872

What can be done about this???That's an incredibly simple answer!

YOU caused the repo by YOU not paying YOUR bills on time.

Therefore, when YOU do pay YOUR bills on time, YOU don't cause a repo!That's all there is to it!!!


Here's how dumb this is!These sorry whining deadbeats think everybody is as dumb as they are and everyone is going to swallow their BS.

Your loan payments include interest. The lender makes money by collecting that interest. Therefore, as even a child could understand, the lender makes the MOST MONEY when the loan is paid till the end and they collect all the interest built into the deal. Any idiot can understand that!

Therefore, to protect the possibility of gaining the MOST PROFIT, they will ONLY do a repo if there's good enough to reason to suspect they will never be able to have that loan go to full term!

What these dummy deadbeats want you to think is for absolutely no reason, they did a repo on the best customer in the world thus eliminating the possibility of collecting the most interest and profit!Fellow serial deadbeats will believe them but anybody with half a brain can very easily see thru their charade!


It fall these sorry deadbeats were to meet in one building, the EPA would need to close down the block and demolish the building due to the smell. You won't find people who pay on time whining about a law suit because the only cry babies are the habitual deadbeats who just can't stand the consequences THEY brought upon themselves for not paying on time! You sorry deadbeats are a disgrace to this country.



You don't know what you're talking about.Westlake is a subprime deadbeat lender who does business with you sorry, serial deadbeats because the banks won't touch you because of your track record of NOT paying your bills.

(Real solid citizens here!). Westlake is a FIRST party collector. The FDCPA does NOT apply to ANY first party collector. I guess it's s but over the head of you sorry deadbeats to understand but if you don't want bill collectors calling you, doing repo's or suing you, pay your bills on time.

Guess what?

It works 100% of the time!Thanks for the laughs and no, I don't work for them!

Gilbert, Arizona, United States #1338649

Please include me I can provide any paperwork u may need I wasn't late I was early every month and they repo cuz car got impounded where was that in my contract nowhere

to Ksmith64 #1393888

They are the lienholder and they are on the hook when the car gets impounded. This is common place and happens everyday.

Dundee, Florida, United States #1138334

I too have had many bad dealings with Westlake Financial.I have had my SUV repoed twice now just a couple days after my payment due date.

They have contacted my family wanting to know when I plan to pay my bill.

They have called at 7am and as late as 10:30pm!!I have been belittled because my payment is not made on time and when I try to explain to them they interrupt and will not let me explain.

to Jackey #1358406

Guess what? When YOU pay on time LIKE YOU AGREED, they never call you, they never repo you! Neither you nor anyone else is entitled to a free car and no, I don't work for them!

to Anonymous #1384889

I like how you add “no I don’t work for them!” After every post... kinda makes us all think you do because they’re not aloud to harass but if you do it anonymously

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