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In 2012, I purchased a vehicle. Westlake financial was the financing company that the dealer went through.

They tried to take my truck since the first payment. I was told that I would receive a payment book in the mail and then my first payment would be due. Westlake called me 10 days after my payment was supposedly due saying I havent paid my bill and my truck would be repossessed if they haven’t received my payment within 20 days. I explained that I haven’t received a payment book like I was told to know when and where to make the payment.

I tried to pay them over the phone, but they would t except a payment over the phone for the first payment. The first payment had to be a check from my account. I told them I will put the check in the mail now if they would tell me where to mail it to considering I never received a bill to be able to pay. I mailed the check and 15 days later I received my first and second payment.

I immediately paid the second payment because I already sent the first in after talking to them. Then i received a call the day before my third payment was due saying I was past due my second and third payments. The one I paid earlier and the third wasn’t even due yet. So they took a payment over the phone.

I checked with my personal bank to see if the check had cleared from the second payment and it had already cleared my bank. I called Westlake to let them know that the check had cleared my bank and they agreed it must have been an error on their part. We eventually got the payments worked out for a couple years with automatic drafts and all my payments were on time. 3 years into the 4 year loan my personal bank account had fraudulent charges and my bank locked my account.

So one of my auto drafts to Westlake financial did not come out of my account. I was unaware of this or I would have taken care of the issue. 33 days after the payment was due I came home from work and my truck was gone. I called the police because I thought it was stolen because as far as I knew I hadn’t missed any payment haven’t received a letter, phone call, email, or any other form of notification from Westlake informing me my payment was late.

Police told me it had been repossessed. So I called Westlake immediately. They informed me my payment was over 30 days late so they issued a repossession. They did not know it had already been picked up.

So I told them there was a banking error and I would take care of it now I just wanted my truck back because I liked less than a year for it to be paid for and have never missed a payment. They told me I owed the payment that was missed, the next months payment that wasn’t even due yet, and all the fees that occurred with the repossession. I agreed I didn’t care and tried to pay with my debit card or routing number over the phone but they would not take either because they wanted a western union payment. So the next morning as soon as they opened I sent the western union amount in full for the amount they asked for.

When I talk to them they assured me that there would not be a repossession on my credit because it was taken care of before it was declared repossessed in their system. They released my truck and I picked it up the same day with no problem. I finished paying the truck off and never missed a single payment. Now two years after truck was paid off I tried to purchase an RV and they denied me because I have a repossession on my credit.

I called Westlake to see why it is showing. It took me 7 people transferring me to other which was no surprise because that’s how it was through out the loan. I finally contacted a representative that said the truck went into repossession so they are not removing anything because they don’t have too. So 47 months of payment on time one payment late on a banking error that I made right with them within 24 hours and my bank even contacted them to inform the situation to Westlake.

I have to wait 7 years to make another purchase on credit because of one month. This is not the only people they have done this too I have read online of several other situations similar to mine. I have bought several vehicles, rv, etc on credit and have never dealed with any financial institution like this ever. I have called several other financing companies I’ve used in the past and using now to ask about their repossession policies and none said they would repossess with a 30 day missed payment.

All were at minimum 90 days. Only reason Westlake wanted to repossess was because the truck was almost paid off and they could resale the truck and make considerable amount of money. Reason they did it is because they are crooked.

I did not know about all the terrible reviews or I would have never used them. I had great credit before and still would if they didn’t have this “one payment repo” on my credit because on there credit report for me it shows 47/48 payments on time but still I have a repo LOL.

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