Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania
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West Lake absolutely sucks. They are by FAR the WORST to deal with. The Better Business Bureau will be getting a complaint from me about their threatening tactics.

They call reference who are just that a REFERENCE ONLY not a personal bank for West Lake to call to get my payment faster. With times as tough as they are now a days busting peoples balls is NOT the answer you cannot get blood from a stone when you loose a job or get hours cut back due to this terrible economy!

I would be willing to bet that some of the people that work at this UNPROFESSIONAL business are themselves in financial distress!!!! Humm makes you wonder doesn't it! Anyone who has dealt with West Lake Financial car loan department knows exactly what I am talking about!

Everyone who has an issue with West Lake Financial needs to call the Better Business Bureau to complain or their tactics will go on and on.

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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ok our bill was ALWAYS paid a month in ADVANCE! never paid late never missed a payment our payment is set in the form of an allotment... we set up the allotment to go to THEIR bank...

Nothing was changed on said allotment yet *** Lake claims to be missing 2 payments... Wonder who the middle man is... perhaps a lowly mom and pop shop car dealer working for a crooked car lot.. yes I admit my own personal stupidity for purchasing a vehicle from such a lot yet in times of despair with 4 children and NOT being made of money and in the middle of a cross country move to boot... You do what you gotta do... once this vehicle is paid off I plan to do whatever it takes to shut down or at the least slow down any and all business this company receives... this all also brings to mind the question since the fact of people not paying their bills on time in the past being the reason they got stuck financing with such a crooked horrible group of illiterate degenerate unamerican crooks... What then does this say for the sales man on the lot for the dealership who deals directly with such a group?





The same thing happened to me. Yes, references are intended to get in contact with you, but Westlake takes it overboard.

They threatened to collect from the reference---not a cosignor. The car was a lemon and I got behind because of massive car repairs. Westlake told me they would not count it as a repo if I just told them where the car was. Guess what?

I'm still paying the attorney through garnishment for the difference the lemon was sold at auction for and the balance plus numerous fees! And, it shows as a repo.

They lie at every turn and made my life *** when I dealt with them, calling at all hours, threats of violence and arrest, etc. Will be glad when this is paid off and would never recommend them to anyone.


there is a reason that you financed through a subprime lending institution. that reason is because you were unable to pay your bills on time in the past.

be happy that you were able to get financing and pay your bills on time. you will never hesr from bill collectors if they have the money that was rightously owed to them in the first place.


Why do you think they get references - decoration. The only reason they are calling the references is you are ignoring/dodging them.

Communication is the key. If you don't want them to call the refs you MUST communicate with the lender.


To "unknown",

Eat a ***. You probably work for ShitLake. The company sucks *** and has broken the laws regarding debt collection each and every time they've contacted me.

I would recommend following up on and record each and every phone call that you get. For each law that they break, you can sue them and get money for it.

They are the most ignorant company I have dealt with and they deserve any lawsuit that comes their way.


pay your bill and you won't get calls


I am being totally harassed every day with up to ten phone calls from Westlake! I am only one payment behind so they say, but I have to pay a major fee for storage to get my car back? I am doing everything possible to get it back, and they are screwing me big time!