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I feel like westlake had my car auctioned off even after my payment was made to a place called american auction . I called to see when my car would be released and Westlake says its been released but american auction says they didn't send them anything so frustrated can anyone tell me what i can due it's been a week already

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They did the same thing to me however I was not delinquent on any payments. Long story short 1 month ago after I paid 756.00 to get it out they wiped my name off of the registration and cancelled my plates I had no idea.

They now say its been reinstated however the DMV says I no longer exist on any paperwork for this vehicle, and they are still charging me repossession fees. They hang up on me, tell me I should not have missed a payment etc. I never missed a payment! How is this legal?

Totally taking advantage of people and the law lets them get away with it. I have a bank going to buy it out for me and finance through them but westlake will not release the paperwork.


Sure. It's all very, very simple.

It's called "Pay Your Bills On Time"! When you do that, you don't cause a repo. Isn't that amazing?

If that's just a bit above your comprehension level, just show this to somebody who might be able to explain it to you using simple drawings. Maybe they can even get a child to explain it!


You are really an idiot talking to people like that. Karma will find you


Your rude!!!