This company is the worst of the worst. The representatives are mean, lyers, crooks, very verbally abusive, and so on.

They have been abusing me for over two years now. Do not ever finance anything with these people no matter how bad you may want to buy it. Buyers Please Beware!!! They will lie to who ever and do whatever to harrass you.

They called me and my employer up to 6 to 8 times in a single day after being told not to call again. They treat everyone like *** and break every consumer protection law out there and I am doing my part to stop them cold.

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The last comment from Jazz proves that they have very rude work tactics. I have a car loan with this company for a year now and they start harassing me before my due date.

Then to make matters worst they call me two months ago to say I was late and I told them my payment wasn't due yet and then they informed me that they changed my due date without even notifying me. I've contacted the BBB and they are following up.

This company is a piece of ***. I can't say everyone there is rude but I can say the folks that I've dealt with are not very logical.


Jana, honestly what a *** remark. Do not comment if you really have no idea what your talking about. Research the company first before you make your self look ***!


call Immigration on this company, I know of several company people that would not be in the USA after their first visit. That should shut these creeps down

Algemesi, Valencia, Spain #74327

Westlake reps are very rude and do not follow the guide lines.i will never deal with them again.


To all the Anna's on this web site.

There are only 2 ways you know about this web site to make a comment. Either you haven't paid a lot of bills at some point in your life, you certainly would not choose Westlake with even moderately fair credit or you work for Westlake monitoring this site. All of you self rightous pay your billers look in the mirror before you comment.


Ya, I had some problems about a year ago. Got the same treatment.

31 days past due and an agent was supposedly outside waiting for the word to take my car. Demanded immediate payment, suggested I borrow the money from my boss and offered to call and ask him for it.

I hung up. The next morning the car was still there, called and got someone else on the phone and made reasonable arrangements.


It sounds like you're not paying your bills. Maybe they would stop calling you if you paid what you owe them.

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