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On September 13th I signed and dated my check to Westlake and sent it in the envelope that they supply for me as I do every month. My truck payment is not due until September 23rd, and I always make my payments early just so these payments are on time, in fact, I opened a checking account specifically for my truck payments and only use checks for the truck payment because I won't pay the added fees that are charged by doing it on line.

The checking account is free, and so were the checks. I received 3 phone calls on September 23rd to remind me that my payment would be over due...and the following day five more phone calls, and I explained to WestLake that I sent it and it should have been there almost two weeks ago. I was told that they would give it a few days that somehow the check may still be located. By Thursday the 29th, I called after receiving 3 messages early in the morning, returning the calls, and got hung up on by one employee.

I called back and asked to speak to a supervisor, where I spoke to someone who stated that the check was received on the 15th. She explained that it may take a few days for that check to go though to my account. That did not happen, and the phone calls continued to pour in, sometimes up to 5 within a two hour time. I called back to say that the check had been found by WestLake and was waiting for the check to be taken out of my account.

Several employees told me that there was no sign of that check being found and that they needed my account information and i could pay it on-line. That supervisor stated that my payment would not be considered late and that the fees would be waived (wrong). That employee made me feel calm as if it was all taken care of (wrong). Her name was Maggie, assistant supervisor.

Although she seemed very nice on the phone, I received yet another phone call and to call her back. I called back and nobody could connect me to her, and received someone else that asked me if my check was found, if I wanted it put through also to my bank account (mistake). Now that all of this has happened, I have not received an apology of any kind, and still am treated as if I was the one that did not make a payment, and now there is a late fee (online) that I see for my account for $6.99. I'm waiting for the next phone call.

I already told them that I would not ever do business through them again, and I suggest that you don't either. I have never been so harrassed and felt so bad in my entire life. I surely hope God and Kharma take over them because they surely need to go down the tubes. If somehow I could pull out of their loan without losing my truck, I sure would try it.

I don't want to damage my credit, and only want to increase my FICO score. If any of you are thinking about using WestLake, you might want to rethink your choices and chose another company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Westlake Financial Services Loan.

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I have been with Westlake for 2 years now and I have have nothing but harrassment. They start 2 to 3 days before my payment is due.

I make my payments on time and they still call me after the due dates. I have used my checking account and my debit card. Every time I have to pay a extra 5 dollars just to get my payment made. I paid my payment one month by mail and on the 25th of the month a repo truck showed up at my house to get my vehicle, luckily I had all my receipts of my payments to Westlake.

The repo guy called them and informed them of the situation they wanted him to take the vehicle any way.

I called the law and explained the situation and they came to my house amd made them leave without my property. I would rather walk before financing with Westlake ever again

Aaron J

They probably accidently entered the wrong account and somehow lost the check themselves and couldn't make up a lie to fix their mistake, especially since it doesn't seem like they were interested in keeping their story straight.