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On April 10th I purchased a car here in Michigan. The trade in I used was financed by Westlake Financial. The dealer here agreed to pay off my trade in, in the amount of 1,957.00.

This was a 2000 BMW 323I, The dealership notified Westlake Finance that he had the vehicle and would be submitting the payoff, Westlake said they had received the paperwork. Even though Westlake has the paperwork and I no longer have the car, Westlake has contacted me at work. The first time this happened I told them the number they had called was my work number and asked that they please remove it from their call list. The person on the phone indicated that she would do that. A week later I get another call from Westlake at work with an attempt to collect the debt and I again informed them that this was my work number, after being harassed for 10 minutes she transferred me to her supervisor and again I was harassed for an additional 20 minutes until I hung up on them.

The called my home phone on May14th 2013 at which point I asked them to help me retrieve the vehicle if the dealership is failing to pay. They informed me that this was not their responsibility and the debt remained mine. As the lean holder on the vehicle I firmly believe they have the ability to stop the dealership from selling or getting rid of my trade in, if they remain to hold me responsible.

I received a letter from Westlake financial that my account was in good standing and sent me a voucher for $300.00 toward my next purchase with them. Now the kicker one of the dealerships mentioned where I could use my voucher wast Luxury Automotive in Muskegon MI. the same place I bought the BMW, and now has the BMW. The Dealership has closed it's doors and took off with the BMW and Westlakes Payoff. This is the kind of corruption that needs to be addressed. I have spoken to Westlake reps repeatedly regarding this issue and told them their dealership has the vehicle and just last week I got a call that they wanted to repo the car.. What a joke after months of telling them that their dealership took off with the car, now they are coming after me for it.In my paperwork it indicates that the dealership will pick up the car if it is not paid for and they become responsible for coming after me for the remainder of the money. I believe I have a case for a suit, the dealer put the additional $2000.00 payoff on my new car, took the BMW didn't pay it off and kept the money. Filed a complaint with the BBB in Michigan against the dealership and they can't find the dealer, Filed a complaint with the State of Michigan Attorney General regarding this matter and a complaint against Westlake Financial in California.

The dealership that basically stole the BMW was one of Westlake Financial affiliates. I retained the voucher and the letter telling me where to take it.

I informed Westlake that they had violated the Fair Debt Collection Act by contacting me the second time at the no contact number, even further violating my rights by transferring me to a supervisor when I again indicated it was my place of employment work number, they went so far as to say it was the only number they had for me, after calling me several times at my home number. This is a flagrant violation.

6. What do you believe would be a fair resolution to this matter?

If they wish to hold me responsible for the vehicle after receiving the proper paperwork from the dealership, they very least they can do is to protect their interest as well as mine in the for mentioned vehicle. Please stop the harassing calls to my place of employment.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Do not ever buy a car if westlake is involved you will be sorry promise if you're already involved burn you're car and then file bankruptcy that way they cant harass no one else over it


They are a bunch of ***!!!!*** them they will never get my business ever again.Those *** in California need to get a grip!!!!They call everyday, 8-9 times a day, it's enough to make anyone never want to business with them again. West lake financial is relentless, they never help, are rude, and harass innocent comsumers! :(


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