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Most all you whiners have bad credit and Westlake takes a chance on you. As far as calling family members hey you gave the 10 references remember. As for riding the bus you know you aren't riding the bus....You are doing business with Westlake because nobody else will do business with you grow-up. Pay your bills.

Now as for customer service reps you get what you pay for $7.25 hour doesn't get you educated nor genuine concern it gets you uncaring and rude. Pay your bills on time all of them, build your credit, quit crying about why things are so bad and be thankful someone even considers financing your dumb-@$$ retards!

I sell cars and thank God for Westlake I know they are *** @@$e$ for financing some of you where can you go with 2,3,4 repos and still get financing then you cry foul cause they won't let you drive your car without making the payments. Some of you have 30 lines of credit and its all bad and they still finance you. Quit acting like you all have 700 credit scores, cause you don't 95% of you are below 540 on your score thats why you buy junk from dealers and thats why you pay 20+ percent in intrest charges. You are what you are "DEAD BEATS".

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I am a new car dealer and Not only do I deal with customers that have had credit issues in the past, I deal with many customers that really want a second chance to re-establish their credit and older people with limited credit! They aren't always dead beats!

They come to me for help, and I am able to help them! If you are serious about getting help, there are some of us that will treat you with respect and get you riding again! If you don't pay after you got get help, that's your problem because you will be walking again if you choose not to make your payments on time! Everybody deserves a second chance, so only buy something that you can afford and don't allow a greedy salesperson to sell you what you can't afford or you will be in a worse situation.

You will be paying a high rate, so get a car with cheap payments, get your credit re-established, and you will get a lower rate the next time!

I have financed many customers with Westlake 2 and 3 times, and got a better rate each time! They are great if you really want help!



You *** they filed false reports on my credit saying i missed 2 payments when i didnt. THEIR FAULT NOT MINE.

The dealer in which i got my car through used them, not my choice.

I'm a first time buyer, made every payment on time and i still got screwed. Know what you're talking about before you decide to act all tough on the internet you ignorant ***.


you have a right to say what you want.but don't brag about your score and how many vehicles you co- signed for.I am happy for you.And yes westlake gives you a chance.but people still run into *** problems.there is no work and unless you get a car through them how could you come on here and say what you say?you can't.you sell a car to someone through westlake you get your commission and your happy.so back off of these people .you or i don't really know what is going on in there lives and so on.if you never had a loan through them anyone can say *** all day long.myself i didn't screw up they did.there was arrangments i kept my end up but the whole problem with westlake is (COMUNICATION)PROBLEMS.AND NOT NOTING THINGS.THEY ARE GIVING ME MONEY BACK CAUSE THEY MUST HAVE FOUND OUT SOME TRUTH ON MY END.SO PLEASE BACK OFF OF THESE PEOPLE.SO YOU SALE CARS WHO CARES.I AM A CNA THINK ANYONE CARES?NO


well i lost my vehicle three month's ago.i filed a complaint with who can't say right now and wantedmy car back but it was already sold.But at least westlake had the courtesy to write a refund check out from the sell of my car cause it should have never been taken.there was arrangments made and the one i was dealing with must have not told anyone at the company and i all of a sudden started getting calls from westlake.I called her and told her and asked should i call them?she said no just keep making your payments like i was and promised and still lossed it.it was special arrangments i missed one month and that was christmas time and when they took it i had one payment left.They need to reissue the check cause they sent it to the wrong address cause i have a photo copy of the check and they are refunding me for the selling of my vehicle.SO I AM NOT TAKING SIDES BUT YOU TREAT THEM RIGHT YOU WILL GET IT IN RETURN.AND YES I FILED THROUGH A CONSUMER PLACE BUT STILL IT IS COURTESY THERE DOING.


Well i am sure for one not all you salesman have perfect credit just because you are a salesman.You are the whiner's when you don't get a sale,and you are liars and do not tell everyone about the contract.No sale no food on the table right.well for me it is food.i have been walking for quite sometime and i don't mind.i lost my car to westlake but you know what?they were busted in a lie cause they broke the contracy breached and repoed my car.i am waiting on my settlement.So maybe they do help people and that makes me proud but don't give them all the goods.


well you know what they took my car two weeks ago.alot of you on here work for them.and for the ones that do you are ***.I had a arrangement stuck to it and still took the car.i still do not know where it is but i am filing a law suit against them.yeah if you the one above had bad credit you sure wouldn't be shooting your mouth off calling us whiners.my ex srewed me up.they will still come and take your car if your up to date they mess up.second how can they sell he car when they messed up the title work on mine and i have it and they don't know it yet.my name is on it i own it they will soon find out and wll have to return it.cause i own it.there mistake


Gee Jason,

Again I don't work for WestLake I sell cars, trucks, and Suv's...Problem is if your Credit is Sooooooo Goooooood! Why you using Westlake???

I've co-signed for five of my six kids none of them with Westlake! If you were serious about a problem with then genious why did it take you two years to figure anything out??

welded a 200lb chain to an oak tree huh? Or was that your ol lady big *** in the back seat making couch payment to the tow truck....Don't slam me bro cause I called out the dead beats seems you should have known why Westlake wanted a co-signer cause that person was a turd, and they got your dumba$$ to co-sign for them as for all the Bigotry about Mexicans 'Ola dumba$$ pay your payments SA, for we dump your ol lady outta the back seat and take the car back.


It is obvious you work for Westlake OP, I do have a hihg-end credit score but was a co-signor for a friend of mine.

The trouble started when my "friend" could no lnger make payments on the vehicle and I took possession and made the payments.

After paying for 2 1/2 years they still couldn't provide me with the paperwork for a tag, the car sat in the driveway for 2 1/2 years fully insured but undriveable due to not having the necessary paperwork.

I called westlake told them I wasn't going to pay another dime as the DMV also thought something fishy was going on, lo and behold after not paying for 1 month a title appears at the DMV. I called Westlake to make payment in full but they refused to accept, I have 4 witnesses to this as they were on speakerphone. I say let the repo man come , the vehicle has a 200 lbs chain welded to the frame and the chain is wrapped around an oak tree.

I will not return the vehicle untill this matter is solved in court........2 1/2 years and no tag....look them up on the BBB site, they have over 500 complaints logged with numerous full refunds.

Even the employee evaluation of westlake is poor as mentioned on monsterboard, they have 1 supervisor walking around and the rest of the employees are untrained.

Don't tell me I had to use these people because I had baveredit, I got sucked into this BS by co-signing.

I recently bought a brand new Dodge Dakota 4 door and had it financed through GMAC, now that's a professional company and the reps know what they are talking about unlike westlake where I can hardly understand the employees because of thick Hispanic accents and who are clueless.

If Westlake ever threatens you with law enforcement or misrepresents themselves as such or claim they have a warrant, contact the Attorney General of your state, file a complaint withe BBB and document, document, document.......they won't stand a chance in court, put them on speaker phone and have 2 individuals listen in on the convo, they will be appaled by westlake courtious service but it will help you in court.

I'm filing a suit against westlake for damages, a refund 2 years of payments for a vehicle that couldnt be registered.

So to the poster who is so pro westlake and telling ppl their credit sucks go run to your boss because I'm going to beat on your company like a piniata, you have crossed the wrong one this time.


I feel I have to interject. I have a loan through Westlake.

I"m four months from payoff, and have yet had any problems with them. Sure you can expect a phone call from them if the payment hasn't arrived by the due date.

Perhaps a little aggravating and annoying, but due to poor decisions of my past... So kudos to westlake....sorry if that offends!


No u *** we know u didnt finance the car.. It was westlake we all didnt go to the university of hee haw like you.

Geez ur *** I hope u dont have kids cause u probably dont take responsibility for them either.

Or we don't need more dead beats like u around. You should take us serious maybe if you took our advice you would not be such a low life bigoted *** u piece of *** Your parents must be ashamed of you.


I wasn't the one who financed the car, just the one that recieved the annoying phone calls until they were blocked. By the way try spell check, I might take it seriously if you look like you made it passed the 3rd grade. You must be one of the westlake wet backs.


totally agree with everyone except those losers divorce guy and gunrunner. gunrunner asked who is the idoit for financing deadbeats.

it sure is not westlake since they are gonna get their money no matter what. westlakes credit is not gonna go down the *** whole they are not gonna be the ones who have their cars repos and will have to take the bus. so gunrunner who are the idiots. you are a poor pathetic leach on society who look to anyone to blame your problems on because you hate to take responsibilty for things that were "westlakes fault".

u call salesman job worthless at least he has a job that he can support himself with unlike you who cant even make a car pymt on the day they PROMISED that they would.its obvious what salesman has that you dont and that you are mad at him for the sense to know that you are responsible for what you sign for. to know that life happens and you need to prepare and not blame people when you get urself into something that you could never afford.

people like you is why our economy sank cause all you did was but things you could not afford. i hope all loan officers run like *** if you ever try to get their financing!!!!


Hey Gunrunner:

Why so much hate? I served my country for 20 years, was a Deputy Sherrif for 10 years, now I sell New and Used vehicles. I don't complain about Westlake cause they do take that chance on people like you. I make serious money 150,000 year, plus my retirement. I pay my bills and my taxes. The difference between me and you is I except responsibility for where I am at in life. I don't blame others for my mistakes or finincial problems. I man up. Maybe you and Divorced Guy can get together and have a pity party. Bet you both support the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" too!!

Look pay your bills, except your responsibility, and keep your word. When you agree to the terms of a contact and you break it then you are a LIAR!!! So how can I believe anything else that comes out of your mouth


Well lets look at it this way Mr. Brady Bunch Marine, the writting was on the wall that some of these people have a history of not paying, so who is the *** for loaning the money.

You like them because it has kept you at your worthless salesmen job a little longer. Now while you are standing in the parkinglot, hands in your empty pockets, looking at the ocean of cars you can't sell, try to look at the bigger picture as to why a company would loan money to those with less than worthy credit. Westlake makes money wether they pay or not, the collections and phone calls are a front. Ever seen a finance company that didn't ask or maintain records of insurance on there assets?

Why should they, the vehicle is worth more lost than recovered. Try to think beyond what you see.


Hey Divorced Guy,

First let me thank-you for your service, and secondly as far as the Marine Corps having a name for me you're right it's Master Gunnery Sargeant. Let's look at some traits Honor, Courage, Discipline, Responsibility, Trustworthy, a true Marine would have realized that these could be used as an example. See you entered a contract to pay Westlake = your responsibility. You agreed to the terms of that contract = trustworthyness. You said your payments would be on time = discipline. If you fall on hard times = courage to pick yourself up or the phone =courage. Finally fullfil your contract obligation = honor. As for the Marine Corps having a some name's for you it's simple:

You're a "*** bag, low life, derelict, sh+t bird, maggot, who has refused to learn the values taught at boot camp. You represent all that is wrong with society. You want a free lunch! Well, Divorced Guy, there is a reason your marriage failed same reason your credit sucks! You're a loser....Good-day Private!!!!


I have to agree with the used car salesman. I also finance many customers with wl because nobody else will give them a chance.

They shouldn't complain about the rate because wl is the only lender that would give them the money even after repos and after the customer has never paid anybody previously. If you are complaining about rude customer service from wl its because you haven't learned that if you don't pay on time, you will not be allowed to drive. There are many people that are grateful that wl was there to help them get re established, and there are other customers that will never learn. Pay on time and you will be happy with wl, or whine and complain because you still haven't learned.

Just ask yourself this question.

If you don't pay wl, who is going to finance your next car? The answer should be obvious, your a deadbeat that will never learn!

Marty S

There are people who cant pay and people that wont pay, which are you?


So what dealership is that you work for? :roll Sure some of us may have considerable credit issue, for whatever reason, but really that isn't any excuse for poor business practices.

As for your comments: there is a reson you don't say who you work for. In the Marine Corps,we have a name for folks like you...